Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chocolate Marshmallow Brown Sugar Fudge

Lots and lots and blocks and blocks of milk chocolate. That's not usually how I roll when it comes to chocolate, given my strong preference for the dark variety. But here, it works. Fudge is meant to be sweet and, well... fudgy. Fudge is for when your kids have done all their homework and eaten all their dinner. Fudge is for when your girlfriends come over for gossip and coffee. Fudge is for when you need to distract treat your husband just before you wear those new shoes that you've "had for ages", but he has "never seen before". Fudge is for when you're over-emotional and MUST.HAVE.CHOCOLATE.NOW. - overshare much!

Chocolate Marshmallow Brown Sugar Fudge
from Lorraine Pascale's Home Cooking Made Easy
Makes 24

Cooking oil spray, for greasing
70g unsalted butter
300g soft light brown sugar
125g evaporated milk
225g marshmallows
300g milk chocolate, chopped
75g dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa solids), chopped

Grease a 20cm square cake tin with cooking oil pray, then line with baking paper.

Put the butter, sugar and milk in a pan over a low heat and melt gently. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the marshmallows and turn up the heat. Boil the fudge for 5-6 minutes. Keep an eye on this molten mixture, I caught mine just before it was about to stick and burn on the bottom of the pan.

Take the pan off the heat and add the chopped chocolate. Leave for one minute, then stir the mixture together until everything is melted.

Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and leave to set for a couple of hours. Once set, remove from the tin and cut into squares.


  1. I feel famous again! Your fudge was scrumptious and thank you so much!
    Joel especially loved the piece that I shared with him...... I may need to make a batch, although it only took us a day and a bit to get through the standby brownies so maybe we should have a little break from chocolate for a bit.

  2. Haha, a day and a bit... that must be some kind of record. Sounds like you enjoyed them. That makes me happy.

    This fudge is so easy. You could easily knock up a batch, when you're ready to face chocolate again that is.

  3. I've no's just amazing how this recipe is actually talking to me :P

  4. You know how I feel about fudge...

  5. I've never ever made fudge. My mother made it when we were little. She loved her chocolate. This looks heavenly.

  6. I think I can hear it too Gabrielle. It's saying "make me, eat me".

  7. @ Little Kitchie - indeed I do. Funny how we were both thinking "fudge" at the same time. I made this before I read your post. We were also thinking "rigatoni" at the same time - start the Twilight Zone music...

  8. Hey Patty. My mum made us fudge too when we were kids. Sweets for the sweet.