Friday, 3 July 2015

Sourdough Waffles with Brown Sugar Strawberry Sauce


Because Friday is nearly the weekend and weekends mean waffles.

Sourdough Waffles with Brown Sugar Strawberry Sauce
waffles slightly adapted from here, sauce adapted from here
Makes 10

For the Waffles:

For the Overnight Sponge:
1 cup of inactive sourdough starter (straight from the fridge)
2 cups baker's flour
2 tablespoons white sugar
2 cups buttermilk

For the Batter:
Overnight sponge (above)
2 eggs, lightly beaten
60ml (1/4 cup) melted unsalted butter
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda

For the Sauce:
1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
2 tablespoons water
1/2 teaspoon sea salt flakes
60ml ( 1/4 cup) cream
80g (6 tablespoons) unsalted butter, cubed
thinly sliced peel of 1 mandarin
2 cups chopped strawberries

Extra butter for serving

Make the Waffles:

Make the Overnight Sponge:
The night before you want to eat waffles for breakfast, take your unfed starter out of the fridge, give it a stir, measure out 1 cup and put it into a large mixing bowl. Add the flour, sugar and buttermilk. Stir to thoroughly mix, cover with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature overnight.

The next morning, preheat your waffle iron and add the beaten eggs, melted butter, salt and baking soda to the sponge. Mix thoroughly. Cook the waffles in the waffle iron according to manufacturers instructions. Keep waffles warm in an oven until ready to serve.

Make the Sauce:
Put the sugar, water and salt into a saucepan and cook on high heat for 1 - 2 minutes, until it bubbles. Remove the pan from the heat and add the cream, butter and mandarin peel. Return the pan to the heat and cook for a further minute. Add the strawberries, stir and set aside until read to serve.

To Serve:
Stack waffles on plates top with a knob of soft butter and spoon the sauce over. Make coffee and enjoy.



  1. Damn, they look so good!! It's been ages since I made waffles. You make me wanna make some this weekend with our delicious local stawberries :)

  2. Those look fabulous! I love your photos. Never tried sourdough waffles, but I imagine they are perfect :)

  3. Absolutely WONDERFUL and I love your photos too! Karen

  4. Ah, waffles. They are something I am so looking forward to being able to make when my waffle iron comes out of storage along with about a thousand other gadgets I have forgotten I had! Adding this recipe to the top secret 'waffle files' to be tested out soon :)

  5. These waffles look amazing! I totally need a waffle iron now :)